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Israel, Hamas Escalate Violence

Joshua Mitnick

The Wall Street Journal

July 9, 2014

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“Rachelle and Avi Fraenkel, parents of Naftali, one of the three teens who were kidnaped [sic] and killed.”
Amid calls for revenge, Rachelle Fraenkel is a light in this dark place
Danna Harman
July 6, 2014
"Many companies, finally realizing that life outside of work happens whether they like it or not, are adopting policies to include flexibility for parents—like Palo Alto Software, the tech firm that encourages flextime and who’s [sic] CEO brought her own kids to work in baby slings."
Working from Home is Awesome if You Do It Right
Samantha Cole
Fast Company
July 3, 2014
"I think this could do great things for mankind. Or, I’m not sure. No, it’s obviously ridiculous in it’s [sic] current iteration. But could be a clever way of getting attention for a bigger release. I just hope: 1. Whoever funded it saw things we haven’t seen yet or 2. It’s a joke from someone sick of ridiculous apps. I’d imagine getting Yo’d in my Google Glass is like getting bitten by a mosquito. Tiny and annoying.”
Is The Yo App A Sign Of Startup Apocalypse, Or A Genius, Hyper-Simple Messaging Tool?
Fast Company
June 20, 2014

The 33 Most Unfortunate Typos Of All Time

Don’t get rid of your copyeditors just yet…

“Ms. Mirvis paints an [sic] wry, funny portrait of an Upper West Side in turmoil, where harried mothers endlessly ponder their skills at ‘parenting,’ while their children cause mayhem at Gymboree.”
Book Review: ‘Visible City’ by Tova Mirvis
Moira Hodgson 
The Wall Street Journal
April 4, 2014
“Organized by husband-and-wife team designer Virgnia Arrisueño and street artist Kelly Towles DC MeetMarket aims to showcase the works of emerging local craftspeople [sic] and business owners.”
A Guide to DC’s Trendiest Spring Retail Markets
Diana Elbasha
April 1, 2014
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"Al [sic] of these nations achieved better economic performance."

Spending has grown even more slowly in recent years—albeit after a huge spike at the federal level in 2009 because of [the] so-called stimulus.

A Golden Fiscal Rule Nurtures Prosperity

Dan Mitchell

The Wall Street Journal

April 6, 2014

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"The ultimate goal is to overturn Citizen’s [sic] United."
14 Things You Might Not Know About Ben & Jerry’s
Erin Jackson
Serious Eats
April 10, 2014
"I should note that I fully subscribe to the "Lean In" movement that encourages woman [to] commit to their careers and aim for leadership roles." 
Sheryl Sandberg and Princeton Mom Want You to Fast Track Your Life
Charlotte Alter
March 19, 2014